Deadstream 2 FAQ


If you can't catch the Deadstream broadcast today, you will be able to re-watch the show on-demand immediately after the initial stream and is available through 11:59pm PST on June 11th for anyone who has previously purchased a ticket or buys a ticket after 6/9. Tickets can be purchased now and anytime prior to June 11th at 10pm PDT at All tickets will be emailed today and before the show’s start. If you haven’t received your redemption code within 3 hours of the event, please check SPAM/Junk folder and from "LiveFrom Media." If you still cannot find your ticket, please contact Customer Service at

Q: Can I purchase multiple tickets?

A: Yes. Unique access codes will be sent out in individual emails to the email address used to purchase the tickets. The purchaser can then distribute those unique access codes to the other ticket recipients.

 Note: the emails are sent in batches, if you purchase multiple tickets they may not arrive at the same time. 


Q: I received my confirmation email, but I don’t know how to access the show?

A: You will be sent a unique access code and link to view the show via email. The access email will be sent out 3 hours in advance of the start of the show.


Q: The show is less than 3 hours away, and I haven’t received my access code in email

A: First, please check your spam/junk mailbox. If you still cannot find it, email support as soon as possible with your order number and email used to purchase the ticket so we can get you the code and link before the show starts.


Q: How do I access my event?

A: Instructions and unique access codes will be delivered to your email inbox no later than 3 hours in advance of the event start time. The LiveFrom SecureStream code will be sent to the email address used to purchase the ticket. 



NOTE: while we send emails in advance, remember that depending on your email provider, delivery times for emails may vary or they may withhold it. You should ALWAYS check your folders, including promotions/clutter/spam/junk. 



Q: What devices are supported?

A: Our player works best on Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers. We do not support gaming consoles or smart tv browsers at this time. We officially support viewing livestreams/rebroadcasts via a browser on your mobile device, desktop, laptop computer.



Most devices that support screen mirroring / casting can be used as long as you can enter your access code into the player on the supported device. Due to the many devices on the market with different mirroring standards, we are unable to provide technical support. Please visit your device manufactures website for more details.


Q: If I am unable to watch the live show, can I watch a rebroadcast?

A: Yes. Tickets are valid for both the live show and the rebroadcast.


Q: When is the video on demand period?


  • 6/9: Deadstream 2 @ 2pm PST (same as it's been) *THIS IS A VIRTUAL PERFORMANCE. NOTHING WILL TAKE PLACE IN PERSON*
  • Video on demand period occurs immediately after the initial stream and is available through 11:59pm PST on June 11th for anyone who has previously purchased a ticket or buys a ticket after 6/9. 


Q: Do I need to purchase a new ticket for the rebroadcast?

A: Previously purchased tickets for the live show include the rebroadcast, and new tickets will still be available for purchase during the rebroadcast window.


Q: Can I watch the rebroadcast multiple times?

A: Yes. Your ticket allows you to view the concert as many times as you’d like during the 48-hour rebroadcast period.


Q: I missed the live show and/or the video on demand period, can I still have access to the show?

A: After the 48-hour rebroadcast period, the show will no longer be available. The rebroadcast period is set by the artist and cannot be extended.


Q: Is the show downloadable?

A: No


Q: Can I watch the live show on multiple devices?

A: The access code will only work on one device at a time.